There's No Cedar Like Terminal's Cedar


Since the early 1960's, it has been impossible to think of high quality Western Red Cedar without thinking of Terminal Forest Products.

Founder Asa Johal and his family have from the very beginning, and without compromise, focused on what is required to select the world's best lumber logs and process them to the highest quality standards for cedar products of consistently world-class beauty and precision.

American Lumber stocks a wide range of CVG, A&btr and knotty grades of Terminal's Western Red Cedar in boards, bevel, patterns and decking.

Terminal's most exclusive brand, Cowichan Gold is clear, all-heart vertical grain cedar, with exceptionally long tallies. Terminal also offers an A&btr clear board that outshines most competitors' CVG offering.

Terminal's brand of clear fingerjoined boards, bevel and patterns.  Often sold pre-primed and ready for painting. Terminal offers a 50-year warranty on the evergreen line.

Just as Cowichan Gold is the finest among clear cedar products, Cascadia is Terminal's superior take on knotty cedar. Terminal's signature consistent manufacturing quality shines on knotty boards, patterns, and decking, where the character of the wood is fully revealed.

We also maintain a consistent supply of FSC Certified cedar from Terminal, suitable for LEED projects and clients seeking the most prestigious eco-label in forest products.


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You can't go wrong with Terminal's Cedar!