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Ashton Lewis makes the best southern yellow pine patterns. Clear and knotty SYP flooring and wainscot, perfectly packaged and presented with each bundle sealed in its own sleeve.The best-dressed rooms wear Ashton Lewis pine!

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  • ArmorCoat Primed Trim
  • ArmorCoat Primed Trim

ArmorCoat™ from American Lumber is clear fingerjoined radiata pine with two coats of high quality acrylic primer, buffed for a smooth, highly paintable finish. An American Lumber staple for more than a decade with an enviable standard of performance.

ArmorCoat goes toe-to-toe with far more expensive primed FJ pine lines. Cheaper radiata pine boards can be found, if scant or incompletely primed boards are acceptable. But for well-manufactured pine boards with a high-quality coating system, nothing beats ArmorCoat’s price.

Key to ArmorCoat’s price and performance is that the material is grown, harvested, milled, dried, blocked, joined, dressed, and coated by a single vertically integrated forest products manufacturer – never made from leftover blocks purchased on the aftermarket, as competing products are. Expert management of the source material from seedling to surfaced board is your guarantee of quality.


ArmorCoat™ is sourced from plantation-grown pine forests certified under the PEFC platform.

2.6 Use renewable materials
2.7 Use resource-efficient materials
2.8 Choose Life Cycle Assessment preferable product
7.1 Global impact of product choice

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