Fortress Vertical Cable Railing


Fortress’s innovative Vertical Cable Railing Panel is now affordable and simple for any decking contractor to install.   It’s the perfect solution for when you want a nearly unimpeded view of the surrounding area while still providing beautiful aesthetics, safety, and durability.

Cable Railing’s popularity has been on the rise, but other well-known cable railing systems suffer from avoidable disadvantages. The horizontal orientation of the cables creates a ‘ladder effect’ allowing children or others to easily climb over the railing.  The horizontal cables are generally not pre-panelized, requiring contractors to correctly size, level and tension cables where both aesthetics and structural integrity are at stake.
But Fortress has overcome these obstacles with a brilliant design that even allows you to choose a variety of options for the posts and top rails.  The vertical cables are pre-installed in the panels, making it easy for anyone to quickly install.  Fewer internal supports means you get a more unobstructed view. And the stair sections are adjustable – easy-peasy!

Their Fe26 Iron Railing is the backbone of this system, providing exceptional strength and durability in the top and bottom rails.  Once these rails are installed against your preferred posts, the 316 marine grade stainless steel cables simply fit into the predrilled holes and are tightened with a locknut.  There is a vertical support in each panel (2 in an 8’ length) that keeps everything square.  A top rail of your choosing is then installed with rail clips and you are done.

The tough Fortress Shield automotive coating process makes it resistant to rust and corrosion which translates into long term performance and easy maintenance. It’s beautiful, affordable and available in the Black Sand finish.

Fortress: a better solution for cable railing!

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