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PVC is an extremely popular choice for exterior trim, with over $100 million sold each year in the norttheast alone.  But when it comes time to protect PVC trim by painting it, limitations arise - paint doesn't adhere well so it tends to peel or flake, and dark colors can't be used because of the heat they attract.

Enter Ex-Cel prefinished PVC trim.  For a lower cost than field-painting PVC, you can have a perfect exterior satin coat that is bonded to the PVC, and warranted against peeling and flaking for 25 years.  You will save time and money, have a better-looking finished job, and have better control over your construction schedule (no waiting for a run of rain-free days) when you order Ex-Cel. 


Choose prefinished PVC trim whenever you have more than a few 'odds and ends' to install or wherever the low-maintenance and warranty would be an advantage. 

Prefinished PVC trim is ideal for any significant remodel or full trim package.  The beadboard is perfect for porch ceiling - no more painting upside-down.  Multiple trim colors, such as for decorative Victorian trim?  No worries about edging - just order what you need in the colors you want.

Prefinished PVC is also perfect for multifamily construction, where the savings multiply with volume and the warranty protects you from unexpected maintenance requirements.     

Ex-Cel is a caulkless system and the Cortex system hides fasteners, making this one of the cleanest-looking and most maintenance-free trim products you can install.


Ex-Cel comes in standard trim and corners, J-channel trim and corners, beadboard, sheet stock, and 22 profiles of mouldings, and is complete with Cortex fastening system with color-matched concealing plugs. 

We offer 20 standard colors, including 9 matches for Hardie, 9 matches for Certainteed, plus a match for Andersen Green and Marvin's Wineberry.  Custom colors are also possible with a longer lead time. 

Ex-Cel is produced in Massachusetts and Ohio, and is part of the largest producer of foamed PVC sheet goods in the world.  Ex-Cel is also available paint-free, and is sold across the country 'nude' as well.  As compared with other PVC trim boards, Ex-Cel features one of the cleanest sealed edges and one of the densest cell structures, making it an equivalent or superior alternative to other brands of free-foam PVC trim.


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