QuietRock, the Leading Soundproof Drywall


QuietRock is the first and still the best and most complete sheetrock soundproofing system for walls and ceilings, outperforming doubled drywall, insulation, resilient channels and mass-loaded vinyl applications.

QuietRock uses viscoelastic damped panel technology to stop sound that would be impractical and too expensive to reliably silence using traditional separation or added-mass methods. It's very easy to use QuietRock, and it really works, which is why it remains the leading brand in a category it created a decade ago.

QuietRock ES is the first sound reducing drywall that easily scores and snaps using breakthrough EZ-SNAP technology. QuietRock ES has no paper, and no metal on the inside of the panel yet delivers 75%+ noise reduction on single stud construction. This patented product is easy to install and is ideal for residential and commercial construction, and has not been successfully imitated by other manufacturers of soundproof drywall.

All soundproofing applications require careful management of gaps and penetrations, and the Quiet Solutions family includes reliable products to help accomplish this, such as QuietSeal and QuietPutty.

We'd welcome the opportunity to walk you through how you can save time and money and get more effective noise control results using QuietRock.

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