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Posted: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

UltraShield® Has Cracked the Code on Composite Deck

UltraShield® Naturale is here and it’s a category changer.

There are so many composite deck products to choose from, it can be overwhelming. So let’s keep it simple: here’s why you’re going to love this one:

A) It’s gorgeous. Great classic and trendy color choices, with a ‘vertical grain’ and ‘flat grain’ dual-sided product, it’s the most realistic-looking capped composite on the market.

B) The materials and manufacturing is top notch, with no mixed-color plastic in the recycled content, superior testing performance, and most important, it’s fully 360-degree capped. See hereto better understand why this is important.

C) Saved the best for last: it’s a steal when it comes to cost. There’s simply nothing like this in its price class.

American Lumber is now distributing UltraShield in eight colors and multiple profiles. Give us a call today or click hereto learn more.




Press Releases

Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fortress Simplifies Cable Railing

Fortress Railing has created the first vertical Cable Railing Panel System in the industry! And it’s in stock at American Lumber.

Cable railing systems have rapidly gained market share due to their trendy look and the unobstructed view they provide. But they've been plagued by a complicated installation process and long learning curve.

This new panel system combines all the durability and beauty of Fortress Iron railing with the sleek elegance of vertical cables, which provide a number of advantages over horizontal cables (which create a 'ladder' effect). The Fortress Iron Railing Black Sand finish is engineered to withstand the elements with a special four coat process that protects against rust and corrosion. And the marine grade stainless steel cables allow you to enjoy the scenery with minimal visual intrusion.

Best of all, it’s easy to install! With the industry's first fully panelized cable railing, all you need to do is take the panel out of the box, fasten it to posts, and tighten the pre-installed cables. Even works with stair rail, which comes in an adjustable-angle panel. The small number of SKU's and ease of ordering completes the simplification of cable railing. Backed with a 15 year limited manufacturer’s warranty, it’s an affordable, beautiful solution for your railing needs.

Give us a call today or click hereto learn more.



Press Releases

Posted: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fall in Love with Bamboo!

Many consumers already identify bamboo as a rapidly renewable, sustainable material. Bamboo has demonstrated undeniable appeal in areas from kitchenware to toys to interior flooring and surfaces as an environmentally friendly wood-alternative. dasso.XTR completes the picture by bringing bamboo to the home's exterior.

dasso.XTR is natural, fast-growing bamboo fused into dense, durable exterior decking and siding products with the appearance of beautiful tropical hardwood. Every strand of carbonized bamboo runs the full length of each board, yielding exceptional strength along with a consistent appearance.

American Lumber has secured exclusive distribution in northeastern United States markets and is now distributing dasso.XTR from our Walden, NY warehouse.

Key to our decision to distribute this product was a two-year 'torture test' in which we subjected boards to southern-exposure and all-season heavy weathering, in conditions that would severely degrade comparable species. In the words of one employee "there's not a stick of wood in the joint that would be that straight and look that good after this'. (For comparison, we've subjected Ipe to the same treatment - it's performed admirably, but not as well as the bamboo).

Give us a call today or click hereto learn more.



Press Releases

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Case for Prefinished PVC Trim

Our new video spells out some of the most compelling reasons to order PVC trim pre-finished rather than field painting.

Did you know that most exterior PVC trim and fascia gets painted? Painting PVC is frequently recommended to protect the substrate and for enhanced aesthetics. But it introduces unecessary costs and scheduling challenges.

So what if you knew you could get prefinished PVC trim, sheet and mouldings with a 25-year limited warranty on both the substrate and finish, with a better appearance as well?

We'll make it easy for you to take advantage of our PVC-painting facility, with paint solutions engineered by Sherwin Williams and NuCedar.

Give us a call or click here to learn more.



Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Solving the Ipe Deck Conundrum

In recent years, more dealers have turned to partially kiln-dried Ipe over partially air-dried Ipe, because it looks better. It also costs more, and unfortunately it is not ideally suited for installation in the relatively humid northeast and mid-Atlantic. We solved the problem by offering air-dried Ipe that has been pre-sanded after import.

Everyone knows what a great, durable deck Ipe makes. But after being air dried, it can collect dirt and mold, not to mention sticker marks, in transit from South America. Deck contractors typically sand Ipe before applying a finish, but dealers find that they sell more Ipe when it looks good at the time of sale.

With pre-sanding, you can have great-looking Ipe right out of the box, without increasing the risk of checking and warping. We trialed this product during the 2013 season and it was enthusiastically received. We call it Peconic Bay Ipe and it will be broadly available starting Spring 2014.

For more information, click here


Press Releases

Posted: Friday, July 19, 2013

Inside QuietRock: The Silent Ooze...

Earlier this month we paid a visit to the QuietRock manufacturing facilities where we saw soundproofing polymer being produced, pictured here. It's actually the thin layer of this glue in the sheetrock that makes it so quiet.

We also got to check out the proprietary line on which QuietRock EZ-Snap is made - the only soundproof drywall made without paper in the center, so that it offers true, no-added-labor score and snap installation.

In other 'ooze news', the manufacturer just released a comparison chart (see below) showing how their acoustical sealant QuietSeal stacks up against competing sealants. They also pointed out, separately, that theirs is ultra-low VOC, with the competing products having anywhere from 50 to 1500 times the grams/liter of VOC's. It's just one more demonstration of how QuietRock is at the head of its class.

An article in the New York Times last week discussed the increasingly noisy environment we live in and the lengths people will go to get some peace and quiet.

We know it's not so difficult or expensive - just use QuietRock! Too many builders are still using low-performing, failure-prone soundproofing techniques because that's what they find in outdated catalogs.  Noise control is actually getting harder with new lighter-weight drywall which lets even more noise through.

Noise isn't going away.  It's a key consideration for commercial applications, multi-family, and custom single-family homes.  A consideration that is too easily overlooked because you can't see how something will sound when you're looking at blueprints.  Stay tuned, as we plan in the coming months to provide some tips and tricks of design to help mitigate noise, with or without QuietRock.

Got questions about QuietRock or soundproofing? Click here to learn more



Posted: Friday, July 12, 2013

Announcing Clubhouse PVC Deck Promotion

You can now earn up to $500 through September by installing Clubhouse PVC decking and railing. 

Claiming your rewards is easy. See full promotion details here

You can also win up to $1000 in the annual photo competition which runs through September as well.

The sun is any manufactured deck's worst enemy, but Clubhouse can take the heat. Clubhouse features patented SunShield technology to resist fading and reduce heat build-up, and carries the industry's most extensive lifetime limited warranty with 25 years fade and stain warranty.

To learn more about Clubhouse PVC Decking, head here


Posted: Monday, July 8, 2013

New Documentary on Family-Run Pine Mills

A new documentary from NELMA highlights the family business aspect of Eastern White Pine production.

The Northeast Lumber Manufacturers Association does an excellent job of publicizing the value of Eastern White Pine, including publishing grade and pattern guides that most northeastern lumberyards use daily. Now they are in the midst of producing a documentary 'Lumber & Sons' highlighting the value of the family-run mills that produce much of the Eastern White Pine you buy.

As a family-owned business with the fourth and fifth generations presently active, American Lumber can appreciate the sentiments expressed in this film. The risks associated to family businesses are well-known, especially the potential for nepotism and intra-family conflict. When they work well, however, family businesses have the advantage of leadership that is more committed to the long-term success, sustainability and reputation of the business than most.

As a key distributor for leading family-owned Eastern White Pine mills, we're pleased to share this video trailer and look forward to the completion of the documentary.



Posted: Monday, March 11, 2013

Book a Ride On the River!

With the beginning of deck season coming fast, there's a major new improvement in mahogany decking to consider. It's called Red River.
Red River prefinished mahogany decking marries superior red meranti boards to an improved coating designed to last longer than penetrating oil coatings, without peeling like latex coatings. And it's low VOC to boot. So your deck looks (and smells!) better right from the start and requires less maintenance overall.
Most major coatings manufacturers have released these next-generation 'hybrid' coatings, but Red River is the first mahogany decking to take advantage of it.
Offered in even lengths with longer tallies than other meranti, Red River also means less waste for the builder and fewer unwanted lengths for the stocking dealer.


Press Releases

Posted: Friday, March 1, 2013

Fortress Railing Now Available in Aluminum

Fortress Railing, one of the fastest-growing brands in outdoor living, now offers aluminum railing in addition to its classic iron railing. A complete line of Fortress Aluminum is now offered from stock by American Lumber.

Aluminum is ideal for coastal areas which can wreak havoc on less-durable railings. Fortress has created a strong aluminum railing with relatively narrow spindles. That means you see less of your railing and more of your view. Fortress also eliminates large, obtrusive brackets and mid-panel i-supports that plague plastic railings.

The result: the crisp, clean appearance of railing that you'd expect to see lining the coast from Cape Cod to Cape May, with a better view and far lower maintenance.

Learn more about Fortress Aluminum here

Or check out Fortress Iron here


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