Fortress 'Fe26' Iron Railing


Fortress Iron Railing makes elegant and durable iron railing affordable. Iron railing is decorative and historic, recalling the luxury of a manor house, and because of its thinner spindles, offers the most unobstructed view of your surroundings. 

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While the aesthetic appeal of iron railing is undeniable, custom railing is expensive and requires regular re-painting to prevent rust. In contrast, Fortress Iron is inexpensive, long-lasting and is easy and fast for any decking contractor to install.

At the heart of Fortress's durability is the Fortress Shield multi-step protective coating process featuring Dupont's E-Coat, which will be familiar to auto enthusiasts. This process underpins a 15 year warranty against rust.

Fortress Iron offers a complete system, or integrates with a wide range of choices. Use our straight rail, stair rail, gates and ornamental rail as standalone items, with our ornamental top-accents, or with wood or composite capping. You can use wood, stone, or PVC posts, or use our posts which are complete with a variety of decorative options including lighting. American Lumber stocks Fortress Iron in two finishes.

Fortress means Beauty, Strength and Durability.  Ask us about Fortress Iron Railing today!

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